The Pett Portable Camping Toilet

If you are looking for a portable toilet that you can take with you on any outdoor adventure that won’t take up room and is waterless then a Pett portable camping toilet may be just what you need.  These toliets are great at wilderness sites were the forest is your personal restroom, and you have to make the best of your experience by digging holes and wiping with any leaves that may be lying close by. With a Pett portable toilet there are  no longer the concerns of using the restroom in the middle of the night and getting attacked by some wandering animal.  These toilets are also great because there is no clean up or rancid smell.

A Pett portable camping toilet comes with WAG bags, waste alleviation and gelling bags, that your wastes into a biodegradable bag that zips closed and can be thrown into any garbage receptacle. By using these WAG bags you no longer have to worry about dumping your wastes or cleaning up after everyone in your camping party. The Pett portable toilet also comes with “Pooh Powder”, a gelling powder that is in the WAG bags that turn your wastes into gel which neutralizes the odor and starts the decay process. You will love how this toilet makes camping life so much more sanitary and hygienic.

The WAG bags that come with your Pett portable camping toilet can be used several times if you desire. After all of your wastes have gelled from the “Pooh Powder” simply rinse the WAG bag out and you are ready to reuse.  A Pett portable toilet will make camping, boating, fishing or any other outdoor activities so much more enjoyable.  The Pett camping toilet is excellent for anyone who is looking for a toilet that make disposing of wastes simpler and more sanitary. This toilet is great for outdoor use as well as for emergency use. If your power is out for a long period of time, a Pett portable toilet is a great alternative for your home toilet that won’t flush when the electricity is out.